WOODLAND PARK - The National Night Out event in Woodland Park was one of several events in New Jersey communities where residents are letting criminals know they are not welcome in their town.

Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark says the Tuesday night events serve a special purpose. "What we're trying to do in the community is promote an anti-crime message, and anti-drug and alcohol and substance abuse message to youngsters in town."

The events come in the wake of a quadruple shooting in Montclair early Tuesday morning.

Montclair is not having a night out program this year, but has in the past. A police spokesperson says the department and city supports anything that helps people recognize potential danger. Some say that danger has been growing in Montclair, an area not typically associated with high crime.

"It brings people together, makes them aware of what's going on as far as their surroundings, gets them actively involved in the community and of course - we're always looking for eyes and ears out there," says Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Montclair police say they are increasing patrols as they investigate the latest string of violence. A shooting last month is believed to be related.