PEQUANNOCK - A group of New Jersey teachers spent part of their summer vacation helping students abroad.

The volunteer teachers traveled with the nonprofit group Women's Hands in Mission, or W/HIM, to deliver 30 tablets to an all-girls elementary school. The teachers then spent three days teaching them how to use the devices, which the students could never afford on their own.

The nonprofit group is dedicated to empowering women. Most of the girls who attend the school are living on the streets. Many of the teachers say that the students were quick studies and took to the lessons well.

"My main goal was to help the students in Guatemala not be in my classroom in the future," says teacher Joanna Amaro. "To equip them with knowledge and education so they don't have to cross the borders and endanger their lives."

This was the first trip of its kind the group organized, and they hope to have many more.