EAGLESWOOD TOWNSHIP - A family pet is lucky to be alive thanks to the efforts of two of New Jersey’s state troopers.

According to the state police, Troopers Thomas Rende and Ryan Labriola were called to a fire at Anchor Appliances on Route 9 in Eagleswood Township. When the troopers arrived, they noticed that the back of the building was already in flames.

Police say that they also noticed that the residential portion of the building wasn’t yet on fire. They were able to get inside and found the owner’s dog, Daisy. They were able to get Daisy out of the fire, as well as an electric guitar and two amplifiers.

A spokesperson for the state police says that troopers are tasked with preserving life and property. 

“Sometimes your dog and a guitar is all you need to get through a rough time,” the spokesperson said on the department’s Facebook page.

The fire destroyed the building. Police say that no one was hurt in the fire.