EDISON - Three New Jersey state troopers are being applauded for helping stranded student motorists in two separate cases.

Troopers Christopher Jones and Charles Harrison responded to a crash on the Garden State Parkway on May 6, where they found two teenagers stranded after the teens lost control of their vehicle and struck a utility pole.

There were no injuries, and a summons wasn't issued.

One of the two boys' mothers was going to drive the two friends to the prom, but Trooper Jones insisted on driving them instead. "What's better than showing up in a marked police car? Everyone else is showing up in a limo," said Jones.

According to state police, many of the students came out to take pictures with the troopers.

In a separate incident, Trooper Kimberly Snyder responded to a call of a motorist whose car also broke down on the parkway. The motorist was on his way to Stockton University to take a final exam.

The student explained to the trooper that his parents were out of town and he was going to be late for the test.

Trooper Snyder says she gladly drove the student to school, and he made it on time to take his final exam.

The student's parents wrote state police a letter thanking Trooper Snyder.