TRENTON - New Jersey State Police are now patrolling the streets of Trenton in an effort to help city police deal with a surge of violent crime.

On Thursday night, Trenton recorded its 30th homicide of the year on North Olden Avenue. In a separate incident the same day, two detectives were shot and wounded.

State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes says he believes the show of force, which will last at least a month, will make a difference in the community's security.

Residents say they have been waiting for a state police presence since Trenton let go of 110 officers in 2011.

Troopers took to the streets Thursday and arrested 15 people wanted on outstanding warrants.

Col. Rick Fuentes says there's much more to the effort than added patrols. Violent crime in Trenton is being analyzed every day by state police to map out where it happened and who was involved. Then, police say, they can figure out where the retaliation may happen and they'll know where to send the extra troopers.

Fuentes says troopers are also looking at the environment, to determine whether specific streets need to be better lit, identifying abandoned buildings, and determining whether businesses are closing on time.

Neighbors say the troopers are viewed as tougher than city cops because they aren't local.