TRENTON - New Jersey's state Senate passed a roughly $35 billion budget, sending it on a path to Gov. Chris Christie's desk.

The Democrat-led Senate voted 28-11 on Monday. The budget passed after just a few minutes of testimony.

Democrats unveiled the $34.8 billion budget last week. It's just $300 million more than Gov. Christie's proposal.

The increase is money that New Jersey Sen. Anthony Bucco, a Republican budget committee member, says that he didn’t agree to.

“I’m concerned by…the additional spending that was added in at the last minute,” he says.

But some of the state’s other lawmakers say that this budget is meant to help residents. Deputy Majority Leader Sen. Paul Sarlo says that the budget is fair and balanced and “meant to help and protect citizens across this great state of New Jersey.”

The additional spending was added in for senior tax credits and family planning services, among other items.

Gov. Christie previously cut the family planning services out of the budget during his first term. 

Christie can use his line-item veto to cut the Democrats' spending increases if he chooses.

The constitution requires a balanced budget by Thursday.

The budget committee has been meeting for the past several weeks to plan the budget.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.