JERSEY CITY - The New Jersey Senate Environment and Energy Committee held a public hearing Monday to discuss making Liberty State Park in Jersey City more profitable.

The park overlooking the New York City skyline has been losing money the last several years. The Department of Environmental Projection commissioned a study to look into ways of developing a profit, but the study has not been released to the public.

However, some people are against commercializing the park.

"We're here to say that the park doesn't need commercial amphitheaters, condos, whatever they have planned and won't show to the public.  It's a park,” says Greg Remaud, the deputy director of the New York/New Jersey Baykeeper.

The group Friends of Liberty State Park agrees. Group president Sam Pesin says “"Any of those plans that they push forward would be an attack on the quality of life of urban people and an attack on the spirit, purpose and meaning of Liberty State Park."

Some New Jersey residents tell News 12 New Jersey that as long as it’s not exploited, a little development could be just what the park needs.

“The idea of having a concert here, there's a lot of nice space in here. It's very beautiful and I think it would be perfect to have music here,” says Stephen Bingham, who was visiting the park Monday.

In a statement, the DEP says "We declined an invitation to today's hearing because we were asked to discuss future plans at Liberty State Park, and there are no current plans for development or enhanced amenities at Liberty State Park.  We did commission a study which simply looks at possibilities for our park."

The agency says that the study has not been released to the public yet because it is only a draft.