JERSEY CITY - New Jersey's Filipino community is reeling following the destruction Typhoon Haiyan brought to their homeland.

In Jersey City, family and friends watched as 150 mph winds slammed the homes of the Central Philippines. "The houses there, they're not that strong and sturdy, you know, just a few raindrops and it's like gone," says Linsel Alfonso.

The typhoon has been reported to be one of the strongest storms ever recorded on Earth, and has driven 750,000 Filipinos from the homes.

Al John Tabat's family is among the evacuees. "My grandmother lives there, all my cousins, most of my cousins, and hopefully they're in safe hands," he says.

The storm has knocked out power, making communication with loved ones back home difficult. The only saving grace, according to Filipino officials, was that the typhoon was moving so fast that it prevented flooding rain.

While Filipinos in New Jersey wait to see just how bad the damage is, they are preparing to send help.

The central area of the Philippines is no stranger to natural disaster. Thousands of people there are still living in tents following a major earthquake last month.