EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP - New Jersey's second marijuana dispensary is open to sick patients who are coming from all over New Jersey to purchase the drug.

The growing facility is located in a warehouse off the Garden State Parkway in Egg Harbor Township.

In a growing room, large "mother" shrubs are trimmed, and the clippings are then nurtured in another room to grow new plants. They're transplanted into pots when they take root. Plants that thrive get moved into a greenhouse where budding mature plants are cut at the base and dried out.

Employees prepare the marijuana for sale as buds, chopped up, or rolled into joints. Sick patients registered by the state first meet with a nurse to see what form and potency would best ease their symptoms of nausea, pain or spasms.

"A lot of people are first-timers and they've never used marijuana before so we have to teach them how to use it," says Bill Thomas, CEO of the nonprofit organization Compassionate Care Foundation, which runs the facility.

Thomas says the operation can only service 20 people per day, but there are plans to build more growing rooms.

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