SOUTH ORANGE - Syrup took a backseat Tuesday to its divot-covered partner as restaurants across the state celebrated International Waffle Day.

March 25 marks "Our Lady's Day" in Sweden, the birthplace of waffles.

They went all out at Grid Iron Waffles in South Orange, where customers can put much more than just butter and syrup on waffles these days.

"We have a savory dough, were you can get meat, eggs, cheese," says Madison Fischer. "We also have stromboli waffles - bacon, mozzarella.  We also have open-faced waffle sandwiches."

Those who missed their chance to eat waffles Tuesday will get another chance to celebrate this year.

August 24 is American Waffle Day, which commemorates the day the first U.S. waffle iron was patented in New York.