EDISON - As New Jersey commemorates the 14th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, many across the state are honoring the victims by giving back to the community and the country.

Several years ago, when Bergen County Marine Chris Wilson was serving, he received a care package from the group Mahwah Marine Moms. He now gives back by working with the group Head Strong, which helps hurting veterans.

"The military will continue to do what they need to do to make America be safer, but the fact that these people continue to support our troops is just amazing," he says.

Billy Cook, now 14, was only 6 months old when the attack occurred. Even though he cannot remember that fateful day, Cook says he still wants to do his part. He founded Billy's Baseballs and has delivered 5,000 baseballs to troops overseas.

"I learned that it was really a hard day, and I'm so grateful for those that fought and those that survived." he says.

Phill Stafford and his wife Renay started the New Jersey Food and Clothing Rescue following the attacks. Stafford says that he wanted to help the victims and first responders on that day, but was blocked from entering Manhattan.

The Staffords decided to help other people for the rest of their lives by reaching out to the homeless.

"It doesn't matter how small or how big, everybody has the ability to help somebody," says Renay Stafford.

"9/11 was a horrible day," says Phil Stafford, "but 9/12 was an amazing day. Everybody came together. Everybody was kind."