EDISON - New Jersey now has 100 reported cases of Zika virus, ranking the Garden State sixth highest in number of cases in the United States, according to the New Jersey Department of Health.

All of the cases are said to be travel-related, meaning patients were infected out of the country. Health experts say that travelers need to be aware of the risks of the Zika virus.

"When they return, avoid mosquito bites for three weeks,” says Karen Alelis with the Bergen County Department of Health. “There are recommendations for pregnant women and then women or men who are looking or planning to become pregnant with recommendations from abstaining from sexual activity or wearing condoms consistently and correctly."

The state with the highest number of Zika cases is New York with more than 500 confirmed cases.

Florida is also undergoing a Zika virus crisis. Some of the cases in that state are not travel related, and some mosquitoes have tested positive for the virus.