TRENTON - Angry parents flooded a New Jersey Senate budget meeting Tuesday over concerns about schools being underfunded.

Many of the parents say that the state is failing to meet the standards of education set by the Supreme Court. Many attending the meeting say they want to see more funding for their schools.

Dozens of parents came to represent Freehold and Red Bank school districts. Parents tell News 12 New Jersey that the schools have been overenrolled and underfunded. They say that there aren’t enough textbooks and in some cases not enough seats in classrooms.

Students in Freehold have lost their library.

Many students in both districts qualify for free or reduced lunches. Others are learning English as a second language. Both programs have suffered due to diminishing funds.

Both Red Bank and Freehold districts fall about 30 percent under the state standard of adequate funding set by the Supreme Court.

Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed budget does call for an increase in education funding. It would have school districts tens of thousands of dollars in aid. Critics say that the Red Bank and Freehold districts are underfunded by millions.

According to the Education Law Center, New Jersey schools are underfunded by $6 billion.