EDISON - Thomas Francine is a 26-year-old world traveler from Woodbridge who usually gets around by hitchhiking, but is currently walking 3,100 miles from Portland, Maine to San Diego, Calif.

The journey, which he is calling "Walking America," could take anywhere from five months to a year.

Francine says he pushes a used stroller that he purchased through Craigslist to carry a tent, sleeping bag and other belongings.

"I'm having fun meeting people and I'm also promoting this idea that the world is a lot safer than people think," Francine says.

The traveler says he has had only good experiences during his journey and that he is trying to encourage people to be nicer to themselves and others.

"As I go, I'm going to be doing acts of kindness for other people. Documenting it." Francine says. "And trying to get other people to do things as well."

Francine began his walk a week ago, and generally covers 15 to 25 miles a day. He says right now, he doesn't plan on accepting any rides.