TRENTON - New Jersey is still paying for Super Bowl XLVIII, months after the big game was held in the Garden State.

The event was plagued with parking issues, mass transit fiascos and millions of dollars in security costs. This week, the state got slapped with another invoice- from the NFL.

"As we've come into our budget problems, lawmakers were confronted this week with a bill that we have to give to the NFL $7.5 million which is essentially the rebate on the sales taxes we collected off of those tickets and parking," says John Reitmeyer, of The Record.

The state revealed an $800 million shortfall in revenue this year.

The contract New Jersey signed with the NFL says the state can't keep the sales tax collected on game tickets or parking.

Lawmakers are furious, suggesting that all 50 states band together and refuse those terms for future Super Bowls.