NEWARK - The big sister some New Jersey family members never knew they had has been reunited with her long-lost siblings.

James McLaren and his sister Polly waited at Newark Liberty International Airport for her arrival from Indiana Thursday.

Marguerite Pumphrey and John McLaren were teenagers in love, but not ready to be parents when Marguerite became pregnant. The pair gave up the child for adoption, then married a few years later. The couple later had three more children. 

Jean Johnson, the long-lost big sister who was given up for adoption in 1961 by their then unwed teenage parents, was unknown to her three younger siblings until three months ago.

Johnson reached out to James McLaren's uncle in search of her birth parents. After some searching and comparing old photographs, the family came to the conclusion that they had found their long-lost sister.

It was a secret their parents took to the grave, but now Jean Johnson is back in their lives.

All three siblings have noticed how much their newfound sister looks like their mom.