FORDS - New Jerseyans line up in droves whenever the lottery jackpot rises to stratospheric numbers, and this week was no exception as the Mega Millions prize reached $400 million.

The odds of winning the big dough were 1 in 259 million. 

At the Pitstop Food Store in Fords, some customers say they just couldn't resist buying those tickets. 

"I saw that $400 million and thought maybe I can stop swinging a hammer at 7 o'clock in the morning for the rest of my life," says Eddie Vale, of Fords. He's hoping Tuesday morning was his last on the job.
Pat McInerney is a regular at the store, and she's hoping that luck is on her side this time. "It doesn't matter, it's a dollar and a dream," she says. "If you don't have a dollar, you can't be in it."

Despite the odds, many bet a dollar when the jackpot gets this high in hope that their dreams will come true.  

Many people told News 12 New Jersey that if they win, they'd retire, donate millions, travel, and take care of their loved ones.