PISCATAWAY - A new exhibit in Piscataway honors one of New Jersey’s most well-known attractions: the diner.

Diners from all over the state have been recreated at the Cornelius Low House. It was created as a way to celebrate the classic diners of the 1950s in New Jersey.

"Everybody who comes to New Jersey wants to go to a diner.  You can go to a diner any time, day and night,” says Katie Zayoski, the curator of the exhibit.  “Everybody has their own favorite diner, where they like to go, where they like to hang out, what they like to eat.  Our menus are massive compared to other places.  It's just ingrained in us I think and you can see the whole world go by."

The exhibit is free of charge and the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission will subsidize any school buses. It begins this Sunday and will run through June 2016.