MONMOUTH COUNTY - A water company is asking its customers to start conserving now to help prevent a shortage this summer.

Officials with New Jersey American Water hope the proactive method will keep reservoirs full as many residents get ready to water lawns and plants. "Set them for every other day and use an odd-even approach," says Peter Eschbach. "If you have an odd-numbered address then on odd-numbered days that's when your sprinkler should be on."

Eschbach says if everyone follows that rule, it will prevent shortages that typically occur in July. They also want to make sure there's enough water pressure at hydrants in the event of a fire.

Landscape experts like Dominick Mondi also say daily watering just isn't necessary. "When we're getting ample rainfall you may not need to water at all and even when we get into the summer months when it does get a little drier, two to three times, half-inch at a time, is all most lawns in New Jersey really need," Mondi says.

Experts want to remind customers that half the water means half the water bill.