NEWARK - A Virginia congressman is asking TSA agents to take a lesson in etiquette, or else he'll make it a law.

Rep. Gerry Connoley says agents nationwide are just plain rude, and many Newark Liberty International Airport passengers agree.

"I don't mind them when they're being tough," says Brian Trauth, of South Carolina. "It's just a matter of politeness at the same time – a way to deliver a message without being rude."

Tulsi Patel, of Philadelphia, agrees. "I think it’s their job to be a little bossy, a little authoritative," says Patel.

Some passengers say the agents' personalities just doesn’t affect them when they are dealing with large, busy airports.

"I never had problems," says Urgit Patel, of South Brunswick. "They treat me nicely. I've never had issues with TSA agents.

Passengers say it might just be a Jersey thing. "Having just gotten back from Scotland, they're more friendly overseas. More efficient and less intrusive," says Doug Chambers, of Pennsylania.

Others told News 12 New Jersey they just keep their heads down and follow the rules.