TRENTON - The state's acting attorney general has announced more than a dozen arrests in a child pornography sting.

The arrests of 14 men, announced Monday, are the first since New Jersey strengthened its laws against sharing child pornography. The suspects are accused of using online file sharing networks to acquire and distribute the images.

The attorney general refused to say what service was used in these cases, or which sites are being monitored, but admitted there's more of these videos floating around. Federal investigators say residents can help them keep tabs on this type of behavior by using a smartphone app to report abuse.

The new laws make jail time more likely if you're caught possessing and sharing these files. If you share at least 25 or more of them, you could face a minimum of five years in prison without parole.

None of the 14 men are accused of making the videos or assaulting any children. If the suspects are convicted, the state will ask that all of them be forced to register as sex offenders for life.