NEWARK - In the wake of two high-profile fatal police-involved shootings Wednesday in the United States, over 100 activists took to the street to protest police brutality.

Dozens of protesters shut down the intersection of Market Street and McCarter Highway in Newark Thursday evening.

The group “Newark Youth Voice” blocked traffic just one block away from Newark Penn Station. Some of the college-aged students laid down in the street.

The group formed just this morning, but with the help of social media, the rally drew more than 100 protesters.

"I said the best thing to do is make our voices be heard. We put this thing together because we need to get out here so our voices could be heard. We need justice. We need peace,” said protest organizer Malikatah Lane.

Dozens of protesters with the Black Lives Matter movement also gathered in Maplewood. They walked down Prospect Street holding signs and chanting.

In New York City, hundreds of demonstrators walked from Union Square to Times Square to show solidarity and protest against the shootings.

The protests come after two African-American men were shot and killed by police officers.

Alton Sterling was shot and killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after police responded to reports of someone brandishing a gun. The shooting was captured on a witness’ cellphone.

Philando Castile was shot and killed in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, after he was pulled over for allegedly having a broken taillight. His girlfriend live-streamed the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook.

President Barack Obama says that the deadly shootings by police officers are not isolated incidents and says that the U.S. has a "serious problem."