NASHUA, N.H. - Gov. Chris Christie continues his campaign for president in New Hampshire this week, with only a few days to go until the primary.

Christie made stops in several towns in New Hampshire Thursday and held town hall events in an effort to get to know the state’s voters.

While traveling around New Hampshire, Christie and his entourage traveled in a large campaign bus sporting his slogan “Telling it like it is.”

He has told voters that he is opinionated, can be loud and is not afraid to speak the truth. At the various events, he also took questions on his record in New Jersey, such as with the Common Core education system and gun control.

He admitted to the voters that he has changed his mind on some of the issues over the years and that he has “evolved.”

But with all the exposure, what do New Hampshire’s voters think of New Jersey’s governor? 

News 12 New Jersey conducted an unscientific poll and asked New Hampshire voters if they recognized Christie’s campaign slogan.

Some people thought “Telling it like it is” was attributed to Donald Trump or Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Some did recognize the slogan as belonging to Chris Christie.

The New Hampshire primary will be held Tuesday, Feb. 9.