HACKENSACK - Hackensack residents are fuming over a new smoke shop that's about to open in their neighborhood.

The shop is called "Fu King Smoke Shop." A large sign with the name appears over the shop.

"I think it is profanity, I really do," says Sue Turner, of Fair Lawn. "People are driving with their kids in the car and they see this. The kid is learning how to spell and starts sounding that out to his mother? Not a good thing."

Others think the controversy has gone too far. "I think people are taking too much offense," says Alex Marte, of Hackensack. "They're being too uptight. It's just a name."

Published reports have conflicting information about whether the owner had the proper permit to put up the sign. Robert Reichert tells The Record he's gotten the proper permits, although the paper reports he received a summons after a zoning official disputed that.

In Chinese, "fu" means good fortune or happiness.