EDISON - As the nation marks the anniversary of former President John F. Kennedy's assassination, pieces of evidence continue to surface 50 years later.

Earlier this year, rare audio recordings were discovered in the personal effects of Gen. Chester Clifton Jr., a military aide to JFK. The tapes included conversations between government officials in the aftermath of the shooting.

Forensic audio and video expert Ed Primeau was tasked with remastering and piecing together the new audio with older incomplete copies. Primeau says there were a number of obvious edits on the tapes. He adds, "Whoever recorded these, there were certain parts of the conversation they didn't want anyone to hear."

The discoveries add to the controversy and unanswered questions that continue to this day. Decades later, many Americans still doubt all or portions of the official story.

The assassination was investigated by the Warren Commission in 1964, which concluded 24-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter.