MIDDLETOWN - New details have emerged about the victim of a beating at Bed Bath & Beyond in Middletown more than a week ago.

Kerri Dalton, 29, is still recovering from her near-fatal injuries at home with her family.

Kerri was shopping with her infant daughter on Jan. 17 when 20-year-old Tyrik Haynes allegedly came at her with a knife.

"She was stabbed 13 times, all over her body," said her husband, Roger Dalton. "So I can't touch her; I can't hug her because if I try to hug her, I'm touching something."

Roger Dalton said that his wife was determined to live because he'd already raised one child on his own, and she did not want him to have to do so again.

Dalton also explained the brutality of the alleged crime. "And this animal actually took her and held her up, just to make sure she didn't fall over and stabbed her in the neck and then continued to stab her and continued to stab her until she fell on the ground," he said.