PLAINFIELD - After seven years inside First Park Baptist Church, New Covenant Christian Academy in Plainfield is closing because of another program sharing the same space.

Executive Director Stephanie DeGeneste says the academy was caught off-guard in July when the church
decided to move an ex-offender program into the same building as the school. At that point, the academy could no longer get liability insurance.

The church supported both programs under the same roof, but agreed they were not compatible. The choice was made to move the school.

The academy is forging ahead and is currently trying to find a new home with help from Keisha Puryear. Puryear's son graduated from the academy in 2009. Her fourth-grade daughter, who had to enroll in a public school this year, wants to return.

Anyone who has a space that would be appropriate for the school is asked to call DeGeneste at (908) 756-3322.