TRENTON - State Sen. Diane Allen (R-7th District) has announced a bill that would make it easier to decertify teachers who bully their students by speeding up the process.

Allen says the bill she's sponsoring would put a six-week maximum on a process she says can take years. It would apply to all teachers regardless of tenure and punish employees who learn of bullying and do nothing to stop it.

The bill comes as a response to several recent cases in New Jersey where teachers were verbally abusive to students.

The New Jersey Education Association, the state's largest teacher's union is not in favor of the newly proposed legislation. They sent the following statement to News 12 New Jersey:

"Everyone agrees [that] bullying is unacceptable ... and that it should be dealt with immediately. But Sen. Allen's proposal is unnecessary, because under current law, any teacher accused of bullying (or other conduct unbecoming a teacher) can be immediately removed from the classroom while the charges are being investigated."

Allen hopes to have her bill through the Legislature fast enough to take effect in time for fall classes.