MONTCLAIR - New Jersey commuters may soon have a new way to combat transit nightmares while traveling.

Josh Crandall has spent the last nine years developing Clever Commute, a new app that combines the concepts of the traffic app Waze with Twitter. Users are able to post real-time traffic updates to a feed that alerts others of problems on NJ Transit, Metro-North or the Long Island Rail Road.

“All the content is user-generated,” says Crandall. “I provide the technology, and the people, who I’ve never met, coming from places I’ve never been, are helping each other.

Crandall says the app is still a work in progress and he is taking current users’ feedback to develop new features.

“They know what they want and what the users of the free app are asking for are generally things we’ve already developed in [the premium version of the app].” Crandall says.

He is hoping to expand the app into other areas like Boston and Chicago.