HOPATCONG - A construction project in Hopatcong was put on hold after it was discovered that a pair of eagles was nesting nearby.

Atkins Companies was in the process of building a new condominium complex. However, a pair of eagles soon moved into the area. The residents say that they love looking at the birds.

"It was just fun to watch.  In six weeks, they are the size of adults.  So you see this kind of goofy mucky colored bird.  I mean it's really hilarious,” says Laurie Youmans, who lives across the street.

Youmans says that it was very loud during the construction, so she is surprised the birds stayed.

The Department of Environmental Protection tells News 12 New Jersey that the developer has agreed to stop all construction work this year during the nesting season. Once construction does begin again, they will build around the wetlands.

The DEP says that eagle eggs hatch from mid-April to early May and the baby eagles will leave the nest around July. The eagles will not breed again until next year.