NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP - A Neptune Township man says that someone stole thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry and money from his home in the Shark River Hills section of town.

Chris Hankins says that a man walked onto his porch and got into the home by prying open a window. The thief stole wedding rings and other jewelry. 

He also stole $1,000 from the kitchen drawer. Hankins is a volunteer soccer coach with the Neptune Soccer Association and the money was to be used to pay the referees.

"He stole from me, he stole from the community.  It wasn't my money per se, I was just kind of the account holder for it, for my extended families, my kids and my soccer team,” Hankins says.

The thief was caught on the home’s outside surveillance camera. Hankins says that the man is a light-skinned African-American or Hispanic man, with a beard around his jaw line. He may also walk with a slight limp.

Hankins is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Neptune Township Police say this was an isolated incident, and no other burglaries were reported in the area. Anyone with information is asked to call the detective bureau.