WESTFIELD - Union County officials announced this week they've arrested a man in a decades-old murder case, and a neighbor of the victim says she recalls the suspect from around the time of the crime.

The suspect in the cold case is currently middle aged, but longtime neighbor Dolores Russell says she remembers when he was a teenager. The case is the oldest cold case Union County homicide investigators have ever cracked.

Since the accused man allegedly committed the crime when he was 15, he's being treated as a juvenile even though he's now in his 50s. The Union County prosecutor has filed a motion to make the suspect's name public, but the Star-Ledger, citing law enforcement sources, has already identified the man and published his yearbook photo.The prosecutor says physical evidence saved by Westfield police and analyzed in the county's forensics lab linked the suspect to the crime. It's the oldest cold case that Union County homicide investigators have ever cracked.

Authorities in Union County crack cold case from '76