NEW BRUNSWICK - Some shocking accusations were revealed during the murder trial of a mother accused of killing her son 25 years ago.

The former friend and neighbor of Michelle Lodzinski said that Lodzinski displayed strange behavior while police searched for her missing son Timothy Wiltsey, including having an affair with her husband.

Marie Javick Krause said that she and her husband took Lodzinski in following the boy’s disappearance to escape the media attention. Krause said that while Lodzinski stayed with them, she exhibited strange behavior.

“Had water fights, whip cream fights, played at the pool with everyone,” she testified.

Krause also said that Lodzinski started an affair with her husband and even became pregnant with his child. Lodzinski apparently had a miscarriage.

Prosecutors argue that Lodzinski did not act like a mother who was worried about her missing child during the investigation. A retired Sayreville police sergeant told jurors that Lodzinski was calm and emotionless when he told her that the skeletal remains of Timothy were found.

Sgt. Richard Sloan also said that Lodzinski added to and changed the initial story she had given investigators.

The defense says that Lodzinski was just in shock.

Lodzinski reported her son missing in 1991. She said he went missing from a carnival in Sayreville. His body was found several months later in a swampy area in Edison. Lodzinski was charged with his death in August 2014.

The trial is expected to resume Tuesday.