HOWELL - Crews rescued nearly 300 dogs from a case of extreme hoarding in Howell Township Friday.

Officers say they were tipped off a month ago when a neighbor called police about a loose dog.

Animal control and the Associated Humane Society responded and then notified the SPCA about the more than 276 dogs that were found inside the Bennett Road home.

Officials called the case the worst animal crisis in the area since Hurricane Sandy.

They say the dogs were given vaccinations, checked over and were in good condition for the most part.

"Little by little they are starting to feel more comfortable around people," says Kevin Rooney, of the Associated Humane Society. "We're going to work with these dogs and they are going to be great adoptions."

Authorities have taken the dogs to several locations, where many will remain until permanent homes are found.

The SPCA, Associated Humane Society and Saint Hubert's Animal Rescue are asking for donations to create makeshift kennels for the dogs and get other supplies to help nurse them back to proper health.