BELMAR - Lifeguards say that they have rescued about 100 swimmers at the Jersey Shore this past week due to dangerous rip currents.

Guards in Belmar tell News 12 New Jersey that they have had to pull dozens of swimmers out of the water over the last few days. Lifeguard supervisor Ray Elms says that it’s very easy for swimmers to get caught up in the currents.

"You go in the water and it looks kind of safe in front of you, then all of a sudden a sweep, and then you find yourself in a rip current.  Then you're over your head and you're flailing and you start to panic,” he says.

There have been three deaths in New Jersey this summer attributed to rip currents; two in Long Beach Township and one in Wildwood.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there's still a moderate risk of rip currents this week. There is also concern that upcoming storms could once again churn up the ocean.

Lifeguards say that swimmers should swim close to lifeguard towers. They also warn swimmers that if they get caught up in a rip current they should swim parallel to the shoreline to get out of it.