DENVILLE - Officials from the National Weather Service say they do not believe yesterday's storms produced any tornadoes in New Jersey.

Joe Miketta, of the National Weather Service, says the damage seen in Morris County was unlikely the result of "tornadic" activity. Members of the agency say they came to the conclusion after conversations with local emergency managers, in addition to reviewing radar imagery and pictures of the damage.

However, some residents say they think otherwise. "It was definitely some sort of mini spinning, spiraling, whirlpool of wind that was just picking up dirt, branches and trees as it moved across," Claudio Spadacento, of Denville, says. "It looks like it touched down and bounced right up again."

The weather service says some of the spiraling witnesses described might have been the natural result of bending winds. It is estimated that wind speeds in the area reached anywhere between 70 and 100 mph.