HACKENSACK - The superintendent of the Hackensack school district was suspended with pay this week, but school officials are being tight-lipped as to why.

Karen Lewis’ suspension happened on Monday, and the school board announced it Tuesday. Lewis’ name was removed from the district’s website. Joseph Cicchelli is listed on the site as “acting superintendent.”

Hackensack school officials say that they cannot give out the reason why Lewis was suspended and would only say that it was a personnel issue.

Some parents tell News 12 New Jersey that they wonder why an official letter or call was never made to give them the news.

"They do robo-calls for events and whatever is going on in the school, so something like that would have been nice to let us know,” says Marilyn Santiago whose grandchild attends Hackensack schools.

"If it's your child, the first thing they're going to do is send home letters…So I need to know what this person did.  And with pay.  Wow,” says parent Cordella Davids.

Hackensack Board of Education President Jason Nunnermacker released a statement that said in part, "I understand it is frustrating, but state law prohibits me from discussing the reasons for such a decision. But, the B-O-E unanimously agreed to this course of action."