HIGHLAND PARK - The mystery of the bright blue water coming from one Highland Park apartment has been solved.

On Tuesday, Highland Park resident Freddy Ree discovered the water coming out of his faucets had a bright blue color, but did not smell any different.

Representatives from Middlesex Water came out to investigate.

They found that the water was coming from a neighboring apartment's toilet tank. The blue color was from the toilet bowl cleaner the neighbor was using.

Middlesex Water says it was a combination of a valve test and bad plumbing that sent the neighbor's water into Ree's pipes.  The loss of water pressure broke a seal in the toilet and the water rushed into Ree's plumbing.

"I do feel a little better with some answers," Ree says. "In some weird way, a part of me wishes it was bigger than that, but it's good there's a conclusion."

Ree says he has been told the water is safe to drink, but he is still skeptical. He says he will wait a little longer before cooking or bathing with it.