PATERSON - The mysterious disappearance of a 73-year-old Paterson woman is turning up more questions for the community.

Gloria Briggs has been missing since Aug. 7. She doesn’t have any family members who live in the area, but that doesn’t mean that nobody is looking for her.

"We need the help of the community we need all eyes. We need all ears,” says Pastor Richard Campbell.

Pastor Campbell says that the community of the First Seventy Day Adventist Church is Brigg’s family.

The last time that anyone saw Briggs was at her apartment at the Freedom Village senior housing complex. Paterson police detectives say that security footage shows Briggs entering the building, but never coming out.

"This building is completely secure with cameras,” says neighbor Luz Vargas. “You can see anything that be around (sic).”

Friends of Briggs say that they went into her unit to find her clothes neatly laid out. Her cellphone and wallet were left behind. Police say that there is no evidence that she left the building.

“What on earth happened? Is she still in the building?” asks Pastor Campbell.

Briggs is said to suffer from some measure of dementia.

Anyone who might have information that can help locate Briggs is asked to contact the Paterson Police Missing Persons Unit at 973-321-1123.