SEASIDE HEIGHTS - Residents of several Jersey Shore communities are baffled after large amounts of debris washed up on some beaches along the coast after this weekend’s snowstorm.

The Seaside Heights borough administrator tells News 12 New Jersey that the borough did not see too much flooding or beach erosion as they expected. 

However, what they did not expect is the amount of trash that washed up.

The debris was mostly wood, but trash like drink containers and plastic bowls also washed up. Officials do not believe the debris came from anything damaged during the snowstorm.

“We don’t know where it came from, because we checked our infrastructure and it didn’t come from our boardwalk or buildings like the beach patrol headquarters,” says Borough Administrator Christopher Vaz.

Vaz says that it is possible some of the debris is from Superstorm Sandy damage that washed back up.

Manasquan also saw a lot of debris wash up. Community members tell News 12 New Jersey that they filled up 21 garbage backs with all kind of trash, including about 1,000 bottle caps.

Most of the debris along the coast was cleaned up Monday, but the cleanup is expected to continue Tuesday.