EDISON - Mammograms can save your life. They can detect breast cancer well before a physical exam can. And doctors often say early detection is key when it comes to curing the disease. Still, many women put off having this potentially life-saving procedure.

News 12 New Jersey reporter Marci Rubin was one of those women. But for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Marci took a camera along to film her very first mammogram. She wanted to find out for herself what it's all about, and hopefully in the process, convince other women that there is no reason to put off this test.

In this exclusive News 12 New Jersey interview, hear from Dr. Linda Sanders, Medical Director at Barnabas Health Breast Center, about what radiologists are looking for when they check your mammogram. Dr. Sanders also shares one of the most important things all women should know about their bodies.

Marci's full report, "My First Mammogram" and other exclusive interviews are available on News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.