ROCKAWAY - Two former Sears employees are suing the company for wrongful termination over claims they were harassed about their religion.

Shams Uddin and Samiha Mitwally say they were exemplary employees of the Sears in Rockaway for years as top performers in the appliance department. They were shocked when they were fired in August and say it was because they are Muslim.

Their attorney says the store was aware that both employees were Muslim.

Mitwally says her dismissal came after a period of mistreatment by managers and claims she was insulted by managers while working with customers.

Sears told the former employees they were fired for giving customers discounts using coupons that the employees say were issued by the store. Uddin and Mitwally other salespeople used the coupons, but no one else was fired. The two were denied unemployment benefits because Sears claims they defrauded the company of more than $300 by using those "unauthorized" coupons.

Sears says it does not comment on active or pending litigation and points out that it has strict policies against discrimination in the workplace.