PHILLIPSBURG - A mother from Phillipsburg says her son was chased by a person dressed like a clown, and there may have been several other similar incidents in town.

Crystal Carpenter says her son was chased by a clown down an alley near their home. She says she immediately called police.

“[My son] turns around there's a clown coming up the street chasing him saying ‘I'm going to get you,’" she says.

Carpenter told police the clown was dressed in green and yellow clothes, had on a clown mask, and was carrying a katana sword.

The encounter with a “creepy clown” was one of several reported Monday. Another call came in when someone saw something suspicious outside a restaurant on Main Street.

“We have another clown.  Joe's Steak Shop.  Party standing behind cars wearing a red wig, black shirt, black shorts.  Face is painted.  Standing there staring at cars,” a police dispatch call said.

A few blocks away another caller reported a group of clowns inside a car, also on Main Street.

According to another police dispatch call, it was a “dark colored pickup truck with multiple clowns in it.  The clowns were leaning out the windows while driving."

Phillipsburg police have not said if the incidents were some sort of prank or something more serious. The clown sightings come on the heels of similar incidents around the country.

New Jersey State Police previously recommended parents use these incidents as an opportunity to talk to their kids about the potential threat of strangers.