NEWARK - There is a new magazine that is becoming popular in New Jersey that features pictures of people who were arrested.

The magazine, called Busted, features some arrestees who look surprised, happy, exhausted or just plain beat-up in their arrest photos.The paper went on sale in January in 40 locations, including Mike's Grocery in Newark. Store owner Moe Aldabeas says that the paper is pretty popular. "Everybody knows about it and a lot of people ask about it, too," he says.

Busted began in central Florida 3-and-a-half years ago and is now sold in 19 states. Its publisher, Ryan Chief, who lives in Delaware, says his intentions are serious in conveying recent arrest information.

"Unfortunately I have enough mug shots from the Jersey area to probably make a paper every darn day," says Chief.

One man News 12 New Jersey talked to says he's upset because his arrest was more than two years ago and someone's making a profit from it.