MONTCLAIR - The graduate student at the center of a controversy over anti-bullying vs. free speech is heading back to school, and he's speaking exclusively to News 12 New Jersey about it.

Joseph Aziz was suspended from Montclair State University after making a joke about a fellow students weight on Facebook and YouTube.

He can be heard saying the students legs looked like "a pair of bleached hams."

Aziz admitted to News 12 New Jersey that he made the comments in "very poor judgment."

However, he says the comments came during a heated moment of protest between campus groups, and that the target of his comments was equally outspoken.

Peter Bonilla, Aziz' attorney, argued that the university is a government agent, and overstepped its boundaries by placing official restrictions on what Aziz could and could not say.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education petitioned the university to rescind the suspension.

Aziz tells News 12 New Jersey that he received a letter today from the school saying that his punishment has been lifted and that he may return to school. 

Aziz says that while he's sorry for his comments, he does not regret speaking out.