BRICK - As members of Ocean County's biker community gather for the annual "Blessing of the Bikes," riders are also offering their blessings to the family of a Newark teen who was shot and killed after attending a similar event on Mother's Day.

Hundreds of men and women motorcycle enthusiasts gathered at the Quaker Steak and Lube in Brick for the annual event.

Those who attended the blessing admit that bikers can seem intimidating, but they are typically a friendly bunch.

"There's always someone to talk to. Everybody's got a story," says Misty Thompson who attended the event.

Following the fatal shooting of Al-Shakeen Woodson, 15, who attended the Newark "Blessing of the Bikes," members of the Essex County motorcycle community attended vigils and donated money to Woodson's family. 

Five people have been arrested in connection with Woodson's death.

And in light of the recent violence involving bikers in Waco, TX, the community members in Ocean County want the public to know that not all bikers have such a bad reputation.

"It is attached to the biker community," says Guy Cottone, Chaplin of the Trinity Motorcycle Ministry. "Our goal is to alleviate that."

Cottone says the vast majority of the biker community are non-violent, family friendly people.