SAYREVILLE - A New Jersey mother is pushing for residents to take advantage of a law passed in her daughter’s name.

“Sara’s Law” is named for Sara Dubinin, who died in a car crash in 2007. The law allows New Jersey residents to enter their emergency contact information into a Motor Vehicle Commission database so loved ones can be contacted in the event of a bad crash.

Betty Dubinin, Sara’s mother, pushed for the law after she was unable to be at the hospital when her daughter died.

"Nobody was there who loved Sara…that is heartbreaking,” she says. "There's always a part of me that says, ‘What if I were there, and Sara knew I was there?...Maybe she could've held on.’"

Since the law was passed five years ago, only 6,500 people have signed up, and Betty is pushing to raise awareness of the program.

“I know people don't want to think about these kinds of things,” she says. “I understand that, neither do I, but I know how important it is."

On April 1, all MVC officers were supposed to have paper forms for sign-ups to improve registration. News 12 New Jersey visited the Eatontown office and did not notice any forms.

New Jersey is one of 11 states with a next-of-kin registration available. An organization called “We Save Lives” is trying to expand the registration nationwide.

Anyone who wishes to register under “Sara’s Law” can do so at the MVC website.