RED BANK - Police are looking for two men involved in a terrifying home invasion in Red Bank.

A mother says three armed robbers beat and pistol-whipped her two sons in front of her at her St. Mary's Place home Thursday night.

One man was arrested shortly after the home invasion, but two other men remain on the loose.

The woman asked that News 12 conceal her identity because she fears for her family's safety. "To make a mother watch her children getting beat and having guns stuck to her head was the most helpless feeling I ever felt," she says.

She says she heard a loud noise at around 11:30 p.m. Three masked gunmen dressed in black came storming into her home, dragged her 14-year-old son up the stairs to her bedroom where she had been sleeping and demanded money and jewelry.

The woman says the intruders also viciously attacked her 19-year-old son. "Sitting on the bed I could see across to my son's room where two men were viscously stomping and kicking him and hitting him in the head with a bottle."

The teen is currently at the ICU at Riverview Medical Center with bleeding on the brain.

The 14-year-old boy was also left bloodied and bruised with head injuries after being pistol whipped, but he managed to escape by jumping out of a second-story window.

The jump distracted the gunmen and the teens' mother says she managed to get away by running out of the home.

The mother flagged down a car nearby and asked the driver to call 911. She and the younger son are now staying with family members. She says her son is too traumatized to ever go back.

The gunmen stole an iPhone and a pair of Nike sneakers.