EDISON - An Edison mother says she is furious her 4-year-old son was left alone Thursday after getting off the school bus.

Sakeenah Muhammed says her son Idris was dropped off and walked into what could have been a dangerous situation. Idris' nanny wasn't at the bus stop and Sakeenah was rushing home, but didn't make it in time to the bus. She says the little boy went to his apartment building where he started pressing as many buzzers as he could reach until someone let him in.

Once the 4-year-old got into a stranger's apartment, he was able to share his mom's cell phone number with the stranger who called Muhammed. Idris stayed on the phone with Sakeenah until she arrived home.

Sakeenah says Idris was not harmed and adds she was more shaken up than him. She says the school district assured her that its policy is to return any unaccompanied small child to the school or the police station.