JERSEY CITY - As the investigation continues into the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old boy in Jersey City yesterday, the boy's mother spoke exclusively to News 12 New Jersey today.

Police say Hasson George was found outside the house at 293 Randolph Ave. yesterday with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest.

Prosecutor Edward Defazio says that a 14-year-old shot George inside the home with his mother's gun. The suspected shooter's mother, Shaara Green-Sims, is a Hudson County Corrections officer.

The victim's mother, April Alexander, says the gun should have been out of reach of the children.

"It shouldn't have been in reach where he could get it or anyone could get it and kill my child," she says.

Police say they are sure that George was shot inside the home, but are still investigating how the boy ended up outside the home, where he eventually died.

Police: 12-year-old boy shot, killed in Jersey City